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Pack Announcement AMPZ First Hardcore Modpack
Started by LabsZero

Good day, everyone. Today I would like to welcome you all to our newest modpack called 3RD LIFE Coming 2022.

The pack is inspired by the well known YouTube series called One Life where the aim of the pack is to survival in Minecraft's Hardcore mode with either friends or solo with only 3 lives and no heart regeneration enabled. There will be many vanilla like mobs some passive some hostile that will try and kill you if they succeeded in killing you 3 times you will put into spectator mode until you make a new world.

Features of the pack

1. Built on Minecraft 1.16.5 with Forge

2. Vanilla style 

3. Lite (3GB+ Ram needed)

4. Never seen before mods used by us

5. Coming to ATLauncher, CurseForge and Technic at launch


There will be a SMP Style server sometime after launch so keep an eye of for that announcement.


- The AMPZ Network Team

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