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Server Update Fossilized Update & Server Reset
LabsZero | CEO | Explorers Verified
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3 months ago

Hi there,


Today I'm pleased to announce the released date for Fossilized V2.0, that being  on the 2nd November 2021.

As well as this we have also been working on a new server map to reflect the new update. We have also taken the time upgrade our server with even more power 😃(Thanks to BisectHosting or course) that means we can have larger maps and bigger mods, and yes we have a new world and spawn for you all to explore.

If you want to see what's changed, you can below:


Another thing everyone that was either muted or banned have had their punishment's wiped so that means you can re-join the server once more. Think of this as a one time get out of jail.

Keep in mind we have a list of all the people that was punished before so don't go breaking any rules again.

- The AMPZ Network Team

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