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How to add More RAM
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3 months ago

If the modpack is crashing with Out Of Memory errors', this is due to you needing to allocate more RAM to the pack.

This guide will show you how.

For any of our modpack you should have a least 4GB or more (unless the pack states overwise).

Click your launcher below for a step by step guide to allocating more RAM:


Open ATLauncher and click Settings
Click Java/Minecraft
Adjust Maximum Memory/RAM to your desired RAM amount
RAM is shown in Megabytes 1GB = 1024MB
Click Save to save and close the settings.


Open the CurseForge launcher and click the gear icon in the bottom left.
Under Game Specific click Minecraft
Scroll down to Java Settings
Under Allocated memory, adjust the orange slider to your desired RAM amount.
Click the X to save and close the settings page.

Technic Launcher

Open Technic launcher and click Launcher Options
Click Java Settings
Change the Memory, drop-down to your desired RAM amount.
Click the X to save and close the settings.

If you have trouble with the above guides, or one of the packs still isn't working, make a ticket on our Discord

and one of our staff members will guide you through some more troubleshooting steps. 


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