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Colony V2.3 - Create your Own Solar System Update!
1 minute read

Hi there, Colony fans

How's the space life going?
Anyway the point of todays announcement is to discusses what we have been working on in the background for you all so without me dragging on for much longer then needed, let's begin.
starting off with a new feature coming to v2.3.

Shape Your Own Solar System

That's right we are handing you the ability to create your own planets and moons using a mod called StarMaker. It's super simple to get started all you need to do is edit files located in config/StarMaker (see our Discord starmaker-guide channel ) and the best part it should support all modded blocks so you can really be creative with your planets & moons.

Brand New Art and Main Menu Coming Coon

Once again our friends over at BisectHosting have done it again with another awesome design art to go along with the update.

Preview Menu design below

and of course some quality of life improvements as well.

What's Next after This Update ?
Currently we are experimenting with a build that is not on 1.12.2 however this is very early so we haven't got much to say about this just yet. When we do we will post news here so.

When Is The Update Coming Out?
It's planned to release sometime after Dead Light Z get's released.

- TeamAMPZ

Introducing Our New Logo
Introducing Our New Logo
Hi everyone Today I would like to revial our latest logo design created by our good friends over at BisectHosting. The design was inspired by our Fossilized 3D text and the blue and lighting bolt was taken from our AMPZ REBORN pack logo.

1 minute read
Fossilzed  - Update 3.0 News
Fossilzed - Update 3.0 News
Over the past few months i have been working on Fossilized v3.0 as you know from my previews post (https://discord.com/channels/495506209881849856/495513877103116308/930039399272562729) well today I'm happy to inform you on a release date 🥳

1 minute read
Dead Light Z Release Month + More
Dead Light Z Release Month + More
Hi there zombie fans

As promised in the first post where I said more info will be available near the launch time well today is the day for that info.

Let's start with the planned launch date, that being Early June 2022. We chose this month as...
2 minute read