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Hi, everyone.  Unfortunately I am writing to say all active server will be terminated after this month due to Personal Reasons  I shell not disclose. The good news is our friends at BisectHosting provided us with a free 8GB server so we will transfer Fossilized over to it very soon and for all our donators your rank(s) will be automatically applied to our new server so you do not have to fear loosing it.  This dose not affect our solder/forums as that is manageable for now so you will not loose access to our Technic Packs. Once again I would like to apologises on behalf of the AMPZ Team for this short notice.   If you would like to donate to bring any other server back you can do so here:   - The AMPZ NETWORK TEAM
about 1 month ago
Good day, everyone. Today I would like to welcome you all to our newest modpack called 3RD LIFE Coming 2022. The pack is inspired by the well known YouTube series called One Life where the aim of the pack is to survival in Minecraft's Hardcore mode with either friends or solo with only 3 lives and no heart regeneration enabled. There will be many vanilla like mobs some passive some hostile that will try and kill you if they succeeded in killing you 3 times you will put into spectator mode until you make a new world. Features of the pack 1. Built on Minecraft 1.16.5 with Forge 2. Vanilla style  3. Lite (3GB+ Ram needed) 4. Never seen before mods used by us 5. Coming to ATLauncher, CurseForge and Technic at launch   There will be a SMP Style server sometime after launch so keep an eye of for that announcement.   - The AMPZ Network Team
about 1 month ago
Hi there, I just wanted to let you know that Java 8 will be fazed out for all our new and current 1.16+ modpacks from this point on so i advise you download Java 16 from the link below so that you are ready for when we make this change. Make sure its the 64bit installer for your OS and don't forgot to change the java inside launcher options. Fear not all packs built for 1.12.2 and below will still use Java 8 this only applies to users of our 1.16+ and newer packs. FAQ *A: Why are you forcing users to switch from Java 8 to 1.16?** Q: We are doing this as Java 8 was released in March of 2014 and therefore is getting little to no support in both security and features and not to mention a lot of newer and existing mods are being built with newer java 16+  in mind as it's a lot more optimised in both speed and memory. We are also making this change as when we do make a modpack for 1.17+ that requires the uses of java 16 by default anyway. One last thing this is for the ATF6 players. The next update will be the final so called beta before the big 2.0 stable builds drop so expect some world breaking changes coming your way :).  No ETA on when it will be released.   - The AMPZ Network Team.
about 1 month ago
Attack Of The Ender Comeback Hi everyone, Today i am pleased to say I am bring back our Attack of The Ender with the biggest update to it yet.    For those of you that are confused about what it is here is the modpack description:  This is not the vanilla Minecraft you are used to! There are new plants to harvest, new mobs to kill, new tools to make, machines to build, and hundreds of new blocks to play with. As we all know modded Minecraft offers many things that the core game just cannot do. Mods can make the game feel fresh again or just offer an alternate experience. If you've grown tired of the vanilla Minecraft experience or if you're just looking for another toy box full of things to play with, Attack of the Ender probably has you covered. New Features 1.16.5 Port More Mods More Optimised  More Fun And Much More   and last but not least this means we have a new role as well as a dedicated channel for you to speak in you can get the role in #?-reaction-roles . - THE AMPZ Network Team
2 months ago
Hello, everyone    Today i am pleased to introduce our first ever RPG/Medeival themed modpack called Kingdoms Of The Valley built from the ground up on Minecraft 1.16.5 and that's not all we have a test server that you can join to.   What is you ask? Kingdoms of the Valley is a modpack featuring Create, Minecolonies, and Twilight Forest and much more. Let us take you to a world of castles and keeps. Live among your village people and help them build a stronger town. Progress with steampunk-like automation in Create's machinery, explore the magical Twilight Forest and more! This pack is meant to be Vanilla with a touch of RPG so it's very light on content to bring a more rustic feeling to the player experience.   Sounds cool, when can i play it? You can play it today, just follow the link below to download it (Please note we are going to port it to ATLauncher and Curseforge in the coming days)   We hope you enjoy it as much as we have over the last 2 weeks - The AMPZ Network Team
3 months ago
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