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Solder Update #5

All The Forge (1.12.2) and AMPZ REBORN (1.12.2) is now re-linked to our solder.
Note: only there latest version is playable at the time.
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Today we are happy to announce both a reset date for our Fossilized Server on the 12th February 2021. Server Side Changes... . Crates now have new names, they go as followed:- Dodo (Previously known as Solar)- Parasaur (Previously known as Nova)- Raptor (Previously known as Pulsar)- T-Rex (Previously known as Galactic).  Brand New World to explore.. Increased the WorldBoarder from 8,000 to 9,000Bug Fixes.... For a full list of what's changed for the client see here:. Fixed an issue with GriefPrevention that would stop sticky pistons from working correctly. . Fixed an issue that caused the server to incorrectly generate chunks or even miss them altogether. . Fixed an issue with /wild command that would teleport players above the ocean everytime they ran the command. . Improved server performance (backend)In need of a Reliable Server? we have you covered. BisectHosting offers a simple, high-quality server with a dozen of locations, ensuring low latency. Choose from their wide variety of hosting services, from mc hosting to the web or even dedicated servers for a very affordable price point. The server is already configured for your ease after your purchase.Use code: "AMPZ" at the checkout and save 25% off your first order (game servers only)
3 months ago
We have opened up with the idea to allow our community (yes you who are reading this) to submit your unofficial modpack server to be viewed in the  #-community-servers over at our discord server we are doing this  so that anyone who is looking for more server to play in can do so with ease without having to ask "is there a server for x modpack".   and now for some Questions and Answers   you may have. Q: Why are you after 2 years are you decreasing to let people advertise there modpack servers? A: First of we are only (as of now) allowing users to advertise their Minecraft server that are only built with our modpacks.  Q: Why do we have to go through a submission? A: We are doing it this way as it stops users from spamming or straight up advertising other things such as a discord server. Q: Why do we have to allow the AMPZ staff to moderate our servers? A: Because if we add it as a community server we want to be able to not help you but we want to also make sure that it a safe server for other members of our community. Think of it as if we was running the server.   Have a server that you want people to know about? apply below.   One last thing, we have also taken the time to clean up and improve our discord's FAQ channel. check it out.   - The AMPZ Network Team.
4 months ago
If you have been banned in game, on the discord or on the forums and are wanting to appeal here's how! If you have a forums account you make a thread in the appeal a punishment subforum, if you don't yet have an account and aren't banned in game head to a hub and do /register to create your account. If you ARE banned in game and DON'T have a forums account yet DO NOT BAN EVADE. You can take the format for your appeal below (which is the same format you should use in a thread) and message a mod with it on discord. Don't message a mod unless you are incapable of getting a forums account. My IGN: Platform: (Discord, server, forums). Punished by: Reason: Date of punishment: Why you should be unbanned/unmuted: Screenshot of punishment: POST YOUR BAN HERE IF YOU DON'T HAVE A FORUMS ACCOUNT SEND YOUR APPEAL TO A STAFF MEMBER HERE:
5 months ago
Only fill in what is applicable to your bug report, so if "how to do the bug" doesn't apply, don't fill it in! Your IGN: Where is the bug happening? (Factions, Skyblock, Discord, etc.): Brief description of the bug: Describe how to do the bug: Video/photo proof:
5 months ago
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