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Hi there.


Today I am pleased to announce our paid rank called Redstone for the price of £10 or for our USA members $13.54 (One Time Payment) you will get access to a new light red Prefix and for our discord a light red role with a couple of benefits.

The rank fits in between Iron and Gold and comes with some perks such as:

1. Redstone Kit

2. In-game Auction House Buy/Sell and bid limit of 4

3. 3 player vaults (/pv

4.  4 homes /sethome

and much more.

Get it here: 


- The AMPZ Network Team

Introducing our latest server rank 3 months ago

If the modpack is crashing with Out Of Memory errors', this is due to you needing to allocate more RAM to the pack.

This guide will show you how.

For any of our modpack you should have a least 4GB or more (unless the pack states overwise).

Click your launcher below for a step by step guide to allocating more RAM:


Open ATLauncher and click Settings
Click Java/Minecraft
Adjust Maximum Memory/RAM to your desired RAM amount
RAM is shown in Megabytes 1GB = 1024MB
Click Save to save and close the settings.


Open the CurseForge launcher and click the gear icon in the bottom left.
Under Game Specific click Minecraft
Scroll down to Java Settings
Under Allocated memory, adjust the orange slider to your desired RAM amount.
Click the X to save and close the settings page.

Technic Launcher

Open Technic launcher and click Launcher Options
Click Java Settings
Change the Memory, drop-down to your desired RAM amount.
Click the X to save and close the settings.

If you have trouble with the above guides, or one of the packs still isn't working, make a ticket on our Discord

and one of our staff members will guide you through some more troubleshooting steps. 


How to add More RAM 3 months ago

Hi there,


Today I'm pleased to announce the released date for Fossilized V2.0, that being  on the 2nd November 2021.

As well as this we have also been working on a new server map to reflect the new update. We have also taken the time upgrade our server with even more power 😃(Thanks to BisectHosting or course) that means we can have larger maps and bigger mods, and yes we have a new world and spawn for you all to explore.

If you want to see what's changed, you can below:


Another thing everyone that was either muted or banned have had their punishment's wiped so that means you can re-join the server once more. Think of this as a one time get out of jail.

Keep in mind we have a list of all the people that was punished before so don't go breaking any rules again.

- The AMPZ Network Team

Fossilized Update & Server Reset 3 months ago

Hi there,

Quick update regarding the development of both All The Forge 7 and All The Fabric 2. First off both are ready to go however I plan to release them as soon as I get the artwork for ATF7 finished so hopefully in the next week or 2 as well as this I will be releasing both in BETA stages like ATF6 was as 1.17.1 is Farley new still and i still want to add mods to both as they become available.

As for All The Fabric 2 this is planed to released mid October early November as I need to do a little bit more work to it.

They also will be both available on all launchers that we currently support, that being Technic, ATLauncher & CurseForge. 

Can't wait for you to get your hands on both of them

- LabsZero 

Lead Pack Developer

Update for ATF7 & it's Fabric Version. 4 months ago

Hi, everyone. 

Unfortunately I am writing to say all active server will be terminated after this month due to Personal Reasons  I shell not disclose.

The good news is our friends at BisectHosting provided us with a free 8GB server so we will transfer Fossilized over to it very soon and for all our donators your rank(s) will be automatically applied to our new server so you do not have to fear loosing it. 

This dose not affect our solder/forums as that is manageable for now so you will not loose access to our Technic Packs.

Once again I would like to apologises on behalf of the AMPZ Team for this short notice.


If you would like to donate to bring any other server back you can do so here:




Closure of Our Servers 5 months ago
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