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Over the past few months i have been working on Fossilized v3.0 as you know from my previews post ( well today I'm happy to inform you on a release date ūü•≥

Hi there zombie fans

As promised in the first post where I said more info will be available near the launch time well today is the day for that info.

Let's start with the planned launch date, that being Early June 2022. We chose this month as...
Hi everyone

Due to the on going war in Ukraine we have made the dissention to block Russia access to our AMPZ services

This means if you live in Russia you will not be able to access our domain, solder and server(s) and instead will be greeted...
Hello Fossilized users.
First of all I would like to apologies for the wait this was mostly down to us waiting for the world to pre generate, but now that's done we are happy to open the server again.

Old User Data
All data created on our old...
Hi there.

Today I am pleased to announce our paid rank called Redstone for the price of £10 or for our USA members $13.54 (One Time Payment) you will get access to a new light red Prefix and for our discord a light red role with a couple of...
Hi there,

Today I'm pleased to announce the released date for Fossilized V2.0, that being  on the 2nd November 2021.
As well as this we have also been working on a new server map to reflect the new update. We have also taken the time upgrade our...