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Fossilized Reset Announcement
 LabsZero •   about 1 month ago •  101

Today we are happy to announce both a reset date for our Fossilized Server on the 12th February 2021. 

Server Side Changes...
 . Crates now have new names, they go as followed:
- Dodo (Previously known as Solar)
- Parasaur (Previously known as Nova)
- Raptor (Previously known as Pulsar)
- T-Rex (Previously known as Galactic)
.  Brand New World to explore.
. Increased ...

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Introducing Community Approved Servers
 LabsZero •   about 1 month ago •  38

We have opened up with the idea to allow our community (yes you who are reading this) to submit your unofficial modpack server to be viewed in the  #🌐-community-servers over at our discord server we are doing this  so that anyone who is looking for more server to play in can do so with ease without having to ask "is there a server for x modpack".


and now for some Questions and Answers   you may have.

Q: Why are you after 2 years are you decreasing to let people advertise there modpack servers?

A: First of we are only (as of now) allowing users to advertise their Minecraft server that ar...

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[FORMAT] Bug Reports
 LabsZero •   3 months ago •  5

Only fill in what is applicable to your bug report, so if "how to do the bug" doesn't apply, don't fill it in!

Your IGN:

Where is the bug happening? (Factions, Skyblock, Discord, etc.):

Brief description of the bug:

Describe how to do the bug:

Video/photo proof:

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