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Welcome to AMPZ Network's rules page!
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Global Server Rules:
  • No Hacking
All forms of hacks are not allowed. Any client capable of hacking is not allowed and considered Malicious hacks in cases where no hacks are enabled, or client chat spam is used (explained further under Mutes). Admitting to hacks in chat can get you banned for having a client. If you confirm to a staff member (this includes builders) you have a client or have broken a rule, it is sufficient to ban. Knowingly playing with a hacker (ex. being in the same faction, actively working with them in pvp, sharing xrayed resources, etc) is also counted as a ban for Hacker Accomplice, equal to the same length of the initial hacker's ban. This accomplice time generally can be reduced under the staff's discretion based on the severity of the initial hacker's ban.

Malicious Hacks are defined as giving a PVP or PVE advantage.
The following constitutes as Malicious Hacks:
  • KillAura
  • AntiKB
  • Bhop
  • Chat Client Spam
  • Any general client
  • Many other hacks not mentioned
Non-Malicious Hacks are defined as hacks that give little advantage but are still not allowed.
The following constitutes as Non-Malicious Hacks:
  • Derp
  • Headless
  • Ping Spoof
  • Scaffold
  • Many other hacks not mentioned

Note: Any clicking method such as butterfly clicking, jitter clicking, and others similar to them may result in a ban. These clicking methods are not advised.
  • No Faking Hacks
Faking hacks is the same ban as regular hacking. Saying in chat “I’m hacking” or otherwise attempting to “prove” you are hacking is a ban for hacking whether or not you actually were.
  • No Bug Abuse or Unapproved Mods
Bug Abuse is the usage of bugs in Minecraft or plugins to have an advantage over other players. All bugs that are found should be reported and not abused. All Bug Abuse follows the defined timeline, with the exception of any duplication glitch, which is a permanent ban. Bug Abuse is split into two main categories.

Minor Bug Abuse is for smaller bugs.
The following constitutes as Minor Bug Abuse:
  • Pearling through gates/doors
  • Spawning boats/minecarts outside of plots
Bug Abuse is for any larger bug that gives the player an advantage over other players. Abusing any bug rather than reporting to staff is considered bug abuse.

Any mod or macro not on the current list of approved mods and macros (Found Here) is not allowed. If you are unsure if a mod is allowed, contact any SrMod+ and ask.

Kill boosting (actively working with a player repeatedly to kill them over and over for a high killstreak, for example) is not allowed and can be punished under this category.
  • No Inappropriate Skins, Names, or Builds
Skins cannot have inappropriate images (nudity, swastikas, etc).
Anything you’re not allowed to say in chat cannot be in a name. This includes player IGNs, pet names, pwarp names, item names, etc.
Any build displaying phallic or disrespectful images will be removed. Lag machines are counted under this rule.
  • No Ban or Mute Evading (Double Initial Punishment, Perm if Initial Ban is Hacking)
Ban evading is the act of playing on the server while another account of yours is banned. Mute evading is bannable through the usage of commands (./f title, ./pet name, etc). If an extended mute cannot stop the form of mute evasion used, a ban is enforced.
  • No Harassment
Harassment is defined as “aggressive pressure or intimidation”. Any form of doxxing, ddosing, or similar results in a ban for harassment.
  • No Alt Abuse
Each IP address is allowed 5 accounts on it. It can be one main and four alts, or one main, a sibling, and three alts, etc. Going over 5 accounts on your IP results in an IP Ban. You must keep track of which accounts are on your IP. Staff members may tell you the number of accounts on your IP, but not their names. This doesn't mean you can have 5 accounts on at one time and then a different 5 another time, once you've logged in with 5 accounts they're the only ones you can connect with.
  • No IRL Trading
IRL trades are any trade involving the exchange of in-game items for real-life currency or purchases.
  • No Noise Pollution
Noise pollution is the intentional creation of large amounts of sounds for the purpose of annoying players (anvils in spawn, switching from main to off hand, etc).
  • No Pestering of Staff
Defined in the Mutes section as well, this can result in either a ban or a mute. TP-Trapping or killing staff members while asking for help is not allowed and will result in a ban.
  • No Faking Evidence
When reporting someone, faking the evidence by photoshopping or other means is not allowed. If you are obviously trying to get the person pushed based on fake evidence, a ban can be placed on you by an admin at their discretion.

Ban timelines stack with one another. If you are banned for malicious hacks, then are banned again at a later date, the new ban would be the second offence for the appropriate category. All bans count as an offence, regardless of category. Bans do not stack with mutes, and mutes do not stack with bans. Bans and mutes stack across accounts. Meaning, if a mute expires on one account, and you commit an offence on a new account, that new account will be muted for second offence.

All rules stated in this document are subject to change at any time.
Any initial incident resulting in a rule change will not be punished for, unless severe.​

Punishment: Breaking any of these rules will result in a temporary ban for 30 days.
Discord Specific Rules
These rules apply for our discord and can be found in 📰┊rules channel
Global rules can be found here and still apply on the discord: [Here]
You can:
  • Mention the Support Team for support if someone breaks the rules.
  • Mention someone to reply to their questions, suggestions or issue.
  • Mention someone to respond to them.
  • Upload logs/crash reports to the support and questions channel.
  • Post memes to the Memes channel.
    Please keep in mind we do not accept Not Safe For Work (NSFW) content.
You can't
  • Upload any .exe or any other executable files.
  • Link to anything related to screamer's, pornographic content. phishing/scams, virus or any other inappropriate website.
  • Send NSFW, NSFL and other unwholesome content.
  •  Violate Discord Tos. ( Result: instant ban).
  • Record any voice channels without consent from everyone in the channel.
    (Staff are excluded from this as they may need to record for proof of punishment.)
  • Send advertisements in channels or DMs.
You shouldn't
  • Tell our Staff/Helpers what to do.
  • DM staff members for support/questions, instead request assistance in the support and questions channel.
  • Comment on actions taken by our moderators
  • Ask to become staff member.
    Apply here instead.
  • Impersonate any member of staff.
  • Ban evade, appeal instead.
  • Discuss politics, exploits, hacks or religion here.
All rules stated in this document are subject to change at any time.
Any initial incident resulting in a rule change will not be punished for, unless severe.
Forum Rules
These rules apply to the forums for the AMPZ Network server.
Global rules can be found under Global Rules
Individuals who are forum banned can appeal through Discord - Here.​
  • Do not necropost/revive 2+ week old dead threads.
  • Do not advertise servers - unless if making reference to a feature on said server.
  • Pointless and/or Incorrect topic threads will either be moved, or deleted.
  • Do not spam the same thread in multiple subforums.
  • Don’t spam mentions (such as @LabsZero ) and use them responsibly.
  • Use bold, italics, underlines, font color, or font size only when relevant - replies and topics written in all of these will be edited or deleted.
  • Refrain from using strong inappropriate language.
  • Be respectful to others.
  • Don’t triple-post, there's an edit option!
  • Asking for likes for no reason isn't allowed.
  • Do not ban evade!
  • Do not farm posts. A post is farmed if it does not contribute to a conversation. This includes but is not limited to replying to a thread with something like “I agree!” - just like the post you agree with.
  • Do not farm likes, this includes on profile pages and using an alt to do so.
  • Don't spam dislike people, they'll be removed and you'll get a warning point.
Like on the server, players get offences if they disobey a rule on the forums. If caught rule violating they’ll receive a warning point and these stay on your forum record until you reach 3 points. 3 warning points will result in a permanent forum ban.

Some rules will not require warning points but you will receive points if you continue to repeat the violation eg. triple posting once may not require a warning point, just a written warning.

Certain offences will result in an immediate permanent ban, such as doxing players or extreme toxicity. These immediate permanent bans can be given at the discretion of a Mod+.
All rules stated in this document are subject to change at any time.
Any initial incident resulting in a rule change will not be punished for, unless severe.
Global Banned Items
These banned items apply to the AMPZ Network servers
unless stated otherwise.
Mekanism Anchor Upgrades
These are banned due being able to crash the whole Fossilized Server.

Open Computers Upgrade 
These are banned due being able to crash the whole Fossilized Server.

OpenComputers Chunk Loader
These are banned due to users able to keep as many chunks loaded at once that could overload the server, casing it to crash.

Securitycraft Projector
Causes whole pack crash when users go any where near it.

Kill Dart | MineJurassic 
Allows a user to kill any mob even protected ones.

Deinonychus DNA | Fossils and Archeology
The dino causes the server to crash due to unoptimized ticking requests

Wub Hammer | Tiny Progressions
Causes the server to crash due to some sort of ticking issue it has.

Malisis Doors Forcefield Item
Banned as they are unbreakable by regular players

Banned items in this document are subject to change at any time.
Anyone caught with the items in the list above will get punished.
Chat Rules:

1. No swearing

2. No bullying, put-downs, or other harassment

3. No spamming

Punishment: Breaking any of these rules can result in a temporary/permanent mute