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Fossilized - Server Reset 2
2 minute read

Hello Fossilized users.
First of all I would like to apologies for the wait this was mostly down to us waiting for the world to pre generate, but now that's done we are happy to open the server again.

Old User Data
All data created on our old world (excluding paid ranks) were deleted, this also includes claims, player vaults (/pv) and votes.

Claiming Tweaks
Claiming has had a small change that being on how much claim land you can claim at the start. Unlike before It was 500 now its 25 with every hour you earn 30. 
We also increased how long you can be in-activate before your claim land gets unclaimed. For those of you that wants to know its set to 2 months.

Voting & Crates
Crates have not changed yet but we plan to later down the line. If anyone has any ideas of what you would like to see in the crates please suggest them here #📬︱suggestions (make sure to put your suggestions under Fossilized.)

Scoreboard Tweaks
The scoreboard has been tweaked to now show claims and remaining separate from each other so its easier to understand. 
Side note if you want to disable it type /sb toggle and it will turn the scoreboard off, just type it again to enable it. 

Updates to the Shop
We are currently re-doing the shop as all the IDs changed, therefore its currently closed until further notice. 
Please refine from asking when is the shop opening as your answer will be when its ready.

Reporting Bugs
While your playing if you come across any bugs or broken features please create a ticket in our Discord Server so we can fix it as soon as possible.
Happy Dino Excavation
- TeamAMPZ

Colony V2.3 - Create your Own Solar System Update!
Colony V2.3 - Create your Own Solar System Update!
Hi there, Colony fans How's the space life going?
Anyway the point of todays announcement is to discusses what we have been working on in the background for you all so without me dragging on for much longer then needed, let's begin.
starting off...
1 minute read
Introducing Our New Logo
Introducing Our New Logo
Hi everyone Today I would like to revial our latest logo design created by our good friends over at BisectHosting. The design was inspired by our Fossilized 3D text and the blue and lighting bolt was taken from our AMPZ REBORN pack logo.

1 minute read
Fossilzed  - Update 3.0 News
Fossilzed - Update 3.0 News
Over the past few months i have been working on Fossilized v3.0 as you know from my previews post (https://discord.com/channels/495506209881849856/495513877103116308/930039399272562729) well today I'm happy to inform you on a release date 🥳

1 minute read