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Dead Light Z Release Month + More
2 minute read

Hi there zombie fans

As promised in the first post where I said more info will be available near the launch time well today is the day for that info.

Let's start with the planned launch date, that being Early June 2022. We chose this month as this is the time more people are likely going to play more games like Minecraft as that is when the start of the summer begins.

Now for the good stuff 

So the pack is as you know a post apocalypse zombie pack built Minecraft 1.12.2, now you may be thinking why not update it to 1.16.5 or higher? well this is because few of the mods used are not currently updated past 1.12.2. 

Let's talk about what mods are we have added
From the start we wanted to keep the pack as vanilla friendly as possible so that people with low end pc can enjoy the pack as well.

Player Revive is a mod that lets you, you guessed it revive another player useful for if you are exploring the world at night (god rest you soil). 

For the main zombie mod we went with 7 Days to Mine as that has some cool features such as abandoned towns, structures and general gameplay changes.

Now do we need to explain why we added YUNG's mods?. I think it's self explained.

 Zombie Awareness now it can't be a zombie pack without making the zombies a little harder now can it, that's where this mod comes in to play as it allows the zombies to scent your blood.

Bloodmoon We added this just to make the night a little harder. You can thank us later. 😀

Those are just some of the mods included in the pack

And last but not least I can confirm the pack will be on all platforms we have are other packs on.

Feel fee to discuss or even suggest any mods over in the Dead Light Z  channel.


Introducing Our New Logo
Introducing Our New Logo
Hi everyone Today I would like to revial our latest logo design created by our good friends over at BisectHosting. The design was inspired by our Fossilized 3D text and the blue and lighting bolt was taken from our AMPZ REBORN pack logo.

1 minute read
Fossilzed  - Update 3.0 News
Fossilzed - Update 3.0 News
Over the past few months i have been working on Fossilized v3.0 as you know from my previews post (https://discord.com/channels/495506209881849856/495513877103116308/930039399272562729) well today I'm happy to inform you on a release date 🥳

1 minute read
What We are Doing - Russia War with Ukraine
What We are Doing - Russia War with Ukraine
Hi everyone

Due to the on going war in Ukraine we have made the dissention to block Russia access to our AMPZ services

This means if you live in Russia you will not be able to access our domain, solder and server(s) and instead will be greeted...
1 minute read